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Layla Panam

Layla Panam

Layla oversees our clients’ brand strategies, working with data and researching trends to raise their awareness online.

After completing a BA in Fashion Design, she interned at Vivienne Westwood and House of Sunny, before slipping into the world of social media and becoming an influencer with over 32,000 followers. Layla believes that social media is the most powerful tool a brand can use to become successful and is obsessed with helping start-ups to find creative ways to get noticed.

Having recently become a dog mom, most of Layla’s downtime is spent looking after Reggie, her adorable French Bulldog.

In her own words


Who do you admire?

Kanye West. People have all formed their own opinions on him, but he’s a creative genius. From music to clothing, he’s broken so many records and boundaries.


Favourite creative project?

Oatly continue to create ads that poke fun at dairy drinkers and I love it! From the copy on their cartons to their billboard ads, everything is anti-marketing, self-deprecating, culturally relevant, and flippant.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

The impact of meat on the climate is enormous, so any brand that’s helping people to step away from eating meat and discover a plant based diet is a hero in my book. Some brands I love which are helping this movement are THIS, Vivera, Beyond Meat and Oumph.

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