With the lifting of lockdown restrictions across the UK, it’s time to start planning some exciting Buxton events and yes, it will be more than just some team building down at the pub with some Cheeky Ps! We are continuing to roll out another Buxton Insight session where we are putting our efforts into helping brands build a better future for people and the planet.

What is the latest in the world of BuxtonThreeTwo?

Super Snacks Club logo

This month we’ve been helping Olly’s get ready for a summer of snacking. As well as Olly's been finishing off some packaging developments for various clients, including a refresh of the Pep & Lekker packaging.

Here at BuxtonThreeTwo we are always continuing to try and add value to our clients. This month we've formed a partnership with Pouch-Smart. They work with early staged brands to find packaging solutions with low minimum order quantities. Which as we know is a massive issue first timers face!

Has anything caught the team's eye this month?

Credit to the creative team

The family behind Choco Leibniz, Bahlsen unveiled new packaging for the popular biscuits. The packing is just a beautiful piece of design that's extremely well thought through. With each pack colour correlating to the type of chocolate that is on each biscuit.

They have even reinstated the original brand name Ohne Gleichen which has been a Bahlsen brand name for over 120 years. We definitely want to give credit to the creative team that put it together! They’ve got our mouths watering.

collage of graphic

Also in the world of design, it’s “36 Days of Type” season. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s where designers and illustrators around the world use their own style to come up with beautiful letterforms and numbers. It’s so great to see how many takes and stylers there are and how people pull inspiration from everything around them. It’s truly inspiring and gets our own creative juices flowing!

Introducing Jamie

Jamie, Designer at BuxtonThreeTwo

This month we are introducing our Designer (or Creative Master - his words not mine), Jamie. Since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2014, Jamie has been working with food and drink brands locally and nationwide, visually bringing their brands to life. His free time is largely taken up by watching “Hey Duggee” with his boy Oscar. To say he’s obsessed is an understatement!

We can’t forget that he is also a big Norwich fan, who is desperately looking forward to getting back in the stands when possible!

Fact of the Month from Jamie

A snail can sleep for 3 years at a time. Bliss.

What’s in Jamie’s camera roll this month?

What’s on Jamies camera roll?

I started buying vinyl a few years back now, I love the effort and novelty of putting one on, and the crackle when it first starts. But being a designer, the main reason I started buying vinyl was for the cool sleeve artwork. This is one of my more recent purchases, not only one of my favourite albums but a wicked artwork too!