If you have been following us here or our social platforms you will have seen that this month we have been working on the People. Create. Change. campaign. We started by showcasing our handmade installations on a sunny day at The Forum, then we hosted Docky #5 with vertical farming heroes Empire State Greenhouses, and last week we shared the second edition of Buxton Insights, which featured industry experts Chris Sargisson, Jennifer Wedge, Gavin Anderson and Leon Davies, engaging in a sustainability in business discussion. Stay tuned next week for the campaign finale!

What is the latest in the world of BuxtonThreeTwo?

buxonthreetwo summer of ollys

On the creative side the team have been busy working on some fun summer campaigns. After weeks of organisation and prep work getting props designed and manufactured, the time finally came for the big Olly’s photoshoot at Hyde Park. A day in sunshine taking pictures of delicious snacks, what’s not to love?! Keep your eyes peeled on Olly’s social pages to see the final results.

Has anything caught the team’s eye this month?

clarkson’s farm
Credit: Amazon Video

Jamie: I really like the intro to the BBC Euro 2020 coverage. The illustration style and animations are really nice, but I like how they’ve managed to celebrate all the different cultures after what’s been a turbulent year.

Layla: Not really design related but I have just finished watching Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Video. It’s brilliant, funny and insightful. It was so interesting to see what happens on a British farm over the space of a year and how brutal our British weather can be to crop growing. This combined with our People. Create. Change. campaign has definitely confirmed on why we should buy local; 1. To support our British farmers and 2. To cut down on emissions that are unnecessary and damaging our planet.

Alex: I really liked the images from a recent Jonathan Knowles shoot for Dublin Vinyl. Using a probe lens to get into the exact point on the groove in a vinyl where the place is mentioned in the song.

Introducing Alex

introducing alex

Fact of the Month from Alex

Kleenex tissues were originally intended for gas masks. During a cotton shortage in WW1 they were developed as a substitute for cotton filters in gas masks. The war ended before development was finished so they made them softer and smoother and marketed them as Kleenex.

What’s in Alex’s camera roll this month?

alex’s camera roll

I love outdoor cooking so any chance I have to get the wood oven fired up I’m on it!