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James Bettinson

James Bettinson

James founded BuxtonThreeTwo in 2018 so he could work more closely with brand founders. Flash forward and we’re now a fully fledged agency with an enviable portfolio.

Throughout his career to date, James has worked for creative agencies and publishing houses, and has built countless brands in the youth sports and food and beverage sector. His proudest moment is a toss up between seeing his first sports magazine cover in WHSmith’s and celebrating one of BuxtonThreeTwo’s early clients landing their first major listing.

At home, when he’s not watching ‘Waffle the Wonder Dog’ with his kids, James loves soaking up film, music, art and hitting the trails on his dirt bikes.

In his own words


Who do you admire?

There aren’t enough pixels on this web page to list all the people I admire! But I have total admiration and respect for every person who contributes to improving the lives of others.


Favourite creative project?

I’ve had a love affair with Lego since I was a kid. Now I get to enjoy my kids playing with it and creating their own masterpieces, using the exact pieces I used 35 years ago.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

I respect brands like Tony’s Chocolonely and Karma Drinks, who take ownership and responsibility to bring attention to unsustainable business models and supply chains. I’m not a big fan of preaching and I think these brands approach their beliefs perfectly.

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