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Olly’s olives

Olly’s : A tot-olly amazing brand journey

Project Overview

We’ve been with Olly’s since the beginning. Since the days when Olly himself was flogging his first olives in plastic pots on food markets. He came to us to help his brand grow. We stepped in to provide strategic thinking and top-notch design. And we’ve been together ever since, creating healthy snacks you’ll love, that love your body back.

Market stall → International snacking sensation


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Digital Platforms
  • User Research
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Our Approach

Market research

Before creating a brand narrative for Olly’s, we took a good hard look at the snacking sector, identifying trends and forecasting changes in behaviour, so we had a clear idea of the brand’s direction of travel..

Olly’s Pretzels Thins Milk Chocolate
All the Olly’s flavours
Feeding the planets feel good. One snack at a time.
Olly’s nuts pack explosion

Creating a scalable platform

Right from the start, it was important to Olly that his brand had the potential to be scaled up if things took off. Whilst the brand launched with olives, we left room for growth into other types of snacks…and it’s a good job we did!

Olly’s olives in a paper Boots bag
Olly’s Nuts packshot
Olly’s banner

Brand messaging

One of Olly’s (many) defining successes has been the brand’s ubiquitous messaging. The tone of voice is down to earth and pun-tastically relatable. Teamed with a strong social conscience, the brand’s authenticity has helped it’s following to grow.

Snacks sorted
We’re not shy with the seasoning
Nuts and Pretzels packaging

Design solutions

Back when Olly’s just did olives, we crafted their snack pouches, injecting humour through the introduction of characterful olives. As the brand branched into other snacks, we evolved the design and upped the attention-grabbing messaging across their nut and pretzel ranges.

Snacks for the planet
Olly’s beanie hat
Olly’s tote bag
Olly’s socks


Originally launched as Olly’s Olives, Olly’s has diversified into a range of healthy snacks. As an internationally successful business with an annual turnover of over £2 million, you’ll find Olly’s everywhere, whether you’re doing the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s or flying high with Ryanair.

To find out more about this project and to discuss how a similar solution may work for your brand, get in touch.