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Friends enjoying a slice of Dough and Glory pizza

Dough and Glory : Bringing glory to ‘at home’ eating

Project Overview

Following a challenging year in the hospitality and service industry, Dough & Glory approached us to help them expand revenue streams and bring a frozen pizza kit to market that would put a smile on people’s face during a difficult time. We came on board to define opportunities and strategically created a bold identity that could be translated across print and digital.

Need to expand revenue streams → Good vibes DIY pizza kit.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Creation
  • User Reasearch
  • Packaging
  • Digital Platforms
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Dough & Glory Logo
Dough in hands

Our Approach.

Brand Positioning

Realising the need to set Dough & Glory apart from restaurants and takeaways, we focussed on the experience factor, honing in on the glory of making a professional pizza at home.

Understanding the audience

We identified our audience as ‘give-it-a-goer’s, those people who’d relish the opportunity to create a premium pizza using pre-prepared dough balls.

Dropping Pizza into mouth
Dust that flour. Feel that stretch. Spread the sauce. Share the love. Feel the glory.
Family pizza time
Glory is what you make it


Using sophisticated, playful shapes and icons and a laid-back tone of voice, we crafted an identity for Dough & Glory that gives the effect of going with the flow and making your pizza your own.

Dough & Glory logo
Frozen Dough & Glory Pizza kit
Opening Dough & Glory pizza kit
Dough & Glory shape illustrations
Dough & Glory shape illustrations with meanings
Dough & Glory paper bag
Dough & Glory tape

Digital platforms

Ahead of the brand’s launch, we designed a new website and online shop and developed a distinctive social media campaign to stop thumbs scrolling.

Dough & Glory website mockup desktop
Dough & Glory social media posts

Content creation

As supporting content, we created a suite of short videos clearly explaining how to use Dough & Glory’s pizza kits. Plus, we directed a photoshoot, creating standout imagery for promotion.

Slicing Dough & Glory pizza
Photographing Dough & Glory pizza with iphone


Standout content allowed Dough & Glory to hit the ground running with a successful social campaign that has seen followers and click-throughs increase steadily. The content was also used as part of their PR coverage that saw the brand feature heavily in articles published by the national press.

Hand clap with Dough & Glory flour

To find out more about this project and to discuss how a similar solution may work for your brand, get in touch.

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