For Docky #6, we were joined by Andria Prada, Head of Brand Strategy at Mission Ventures. Andria has a wealth of experience working with building both mainstream and challenger brands and shared with us her top tips for crafting successful marketing launch plans.

If you missed Docky #6, here are Andria’s top tips.

Link marketing tactics to a call-to-action

Adding a call-to-action provides your strategy with clear, measurable results. For example, make sure your social advertising drives consumers to Amazon to buy now, or explain where consumers can find your product when doing sampling.

Hang your brand creative on one central idea

Make sure that your creative strategy is consistent and focuses on both the emotional and functional benefits of your brand. Find a creative agency you work well with, ask for a big idea and stick with it.

Spend more money on maximising reach than developing creative assets

After developing your creative assets, make sure there’s enough money in your budget to actually reach your consumers.

Creative concepts should be simple, relevant and linked directly to the product

Lots of creative concepts miss the mark because they’re overcomplicated, take too long to understand and are irrelevant to the target audience. You don’t have long to capture people’s attention, so your concepts need to immediately pique their interest.

No money? No problem!

Make sure you’re prioritising your spend. If you’re working with a small budget, start by working with tactics that are directly driving your rate of sale.

Small distribution? No mass advertising!

While you’re building your distribution, target your marketing towards areas where your product can be purchased.

Talk to real consumers, not your family and friends

Your friends and family are likely to give you biased feedback, so it’s crucial to talk to consumers who are removed from your brand in order to get honest feedback.

Penetration drives growth, not loyalty

You should always be seeking out new consumers, not solidifying the loyalty of existing ones.

You can catch Andria’s other marketing tips and tricks in the recording of Docky #6 below.

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