At BuxtonThreeTwo, we believe that brands have the power to change human behaviour for the better.

So, throughout June, we hosted People. Create. Change. - a month-long campaign that sought to raise awareness of the environmental issues currently facing our planet, while offering meaningful business solutions to improve our world one small change at a time.

Our campaign consisted of three events. We started with a day at The Forum, where we shared a series of installations with the public. Each of our three installations had a different message and represented a different environmental issue, and we shared some ways in which both businesses and individuals can make a difference with their day-to-day actions. You can read more about the story behind each installation, here.


We then went on to host Docky #5 in collaboration with Proudly Norfolk Food and Drink, which saw Louis Ferro of Empire State Greenhouses discuss the future of farming. Louis explained that to increase the profitability and sustainability of farming, “a circular model has to be the future”. If you missed Docky #5, you can read the summary and catch up on the recording, here.

students at forum

Finally was the second edition of Buxton Insights. We were joined by Leon Davies, Jennifer Wedge, Chris Sargisson and Gavin Anderson, who discussed the environmental challenges that businesses face, their own motivations for pioneering change, and what your business can do to improve its footprint. The full recording is available to watch, here.

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“People. Create. Change. was dreamt up not just as a way of thinking but one of action. Every day we read articles warning of a new level of climate crisis the world is facing and warning of targets we need to meet, aren’t being met. We can’t solely rely on the governments of the world to solve the problems we’re facing. It’s all our fight. We’ve used our skills as problem solvers and creatives as our contribution to the fight, encouraging everyone we work with to not only aspire but to take action, no matter at what stage of their journey they’re at.”

  • James Bettinson, Creative Director, BuxtonThreeTwo
wasteman forum

Our installations were made from as many second-hand or recycled materials as possible, and our events were held digitally to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. Through every aspect of the campaign, we tried to behave as sympathetically to the planet as possible, while providing a platform for the local community to come together and discuss our environmental challenges.

people create change group

“It's been uplifting to engage with people and learn from their experiences. The power lies with the people.”

  • Hal Tyler, Director, BuxtonThreeTwo
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We believe that storytelling is the key to inspiring change. To tell our story, we projected a video onto the side of Norwich Castle that signposted some of the results of climate change and demonstrated that our campaign served to start meaningful conversations within our community on how we can tackle these issues.

james norwich castle

Although climate change is threatening, People. Create. Change. showed us just how many businesses are doing what they can to better the environment. We’re so much stronger when we work together to discover meaningful solutions to everyday problems - and by doing so, we can tackle climate change.

If you’d like to discuss how your business can adapt its practices to become more climate-conscious, get in touch with us at

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