Every hour, the equivalent of 300 football pitches of forests are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. That’s 9.91m2 of forest every 0.1 seconds.

The destruction of forestry isn't only responsible for the disappearance of ecosystems, habitats and wildlife - the Indonesian government has legalised the burning of natural forests and peatlands to make way for palm oil plantations. When the forests burn, tons of carbon that was stored in the plants is released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, hundreds of indigenous communities are displaced as a result of these fires, and lose their homes and land to make way for these plantations. The palm oil trade is a human rights issue, as well as an environmental one.

Palm oil is in so many of our everyday foods. From pizza dough to peanut butter, here are some of our favourite brands avoiding palm oil in their products.

Dough and Glory

Delicious dough, straight to your door - your kitchen will be feeling like little Italy in no time. And what’s more? Unlike most pizza doughs, Dough and Glory contains no palm oil. Ciao bella.

Yeo Valley

Everyone loves melted butter on a crispy piece of toast, but most supermarket butters contain palm oil. Next time you want a guilt-free breakfast in bed, opt for Yeo Valley organic butter - none of Yeo Valley’s products contain palm oil.


When you fancy a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, look no further than Bahlsen. Their mouth watering Choco Leibniz are palm oil free, and a design favourite of our creative director, James.

Whole Earth

What’s better than dipping your finger in a jar of crunchy peanut butter when no one is looking? When it’s palm oil free, obviously. That’s why we love the delicious crunchy peanut butter from Whole Earth. Certified palm oil free, certified delicious.

Seed & Bean

For that indulgent, mouth-watering chocolate moment, we love Seed & Bean. Their organic, palm oil free chocolate comes in a range of exciting flavours and is planet friendly.