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Hal Tyler

Hal Tyler

As Director, Hal gets involved with ‘everything but design’. With a background in building brands and businesses, he’s motivated by creating opportunities to improve the lives of others. Before joining BuxtonThreeTwo, he co-founded a start-up and worked at the world’s largest angel investment network, helping businesses to raise seed capital.

Outside of work, he relaxes by playing and watching sport, although he’d be the first to admit that watching Arsenal play hasn’t been relaxing for about 15 years…

In his own words


Who do you admire?

Arsene Wenger. For his loyalty, class and devotion to values and vision.


Favourite creative project?

There isn’t just one. The most fulfilling projects come from working with clients who are passionate about what they’re doing and helping them to bring their visions to life. And fortunately, at BuxtonThreeTwo, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to work on projects that tick these boxes.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

There are many, although I will stick my neck out and say that all brands need to be doing more. We try to be as impactful as we can, but we’re not perfect and we need to focus on continuous improvement before we give ourselves a pat on the back. There’s a long way to go.

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