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Fuchsia Wilkins

Fuchsia Wilkins

From tone of voice to product packaging, Fuchsia leads on our copy needs, getting involved in insight-driven brand strategy and content creation.

After doing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, she dived into a career in events and marketing. She’s worked in the charity sector and created national and international communication campaigns for Norwich University of the Arts and the Royal Horticultural Society, where she once interviewed Bill Bailey about his favourite soup (it’s broccoli and stilton).

Away from work, Fuchsia’s a writer and a collage artist, and can often be found on the allotment or tending to her house plants.

In her own words


Who do you admire?

The writer Robert MacFarlane, for the inspiring way he weaves words and nature together.


Favourite creative project?

I love everything about Riverford’s ‘Live Life on the Veg’ campaign - the copy, the illustrations and the company’s ethics.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

I’m all over community-powered clothing brands like Depop, which are promoting circular fashion and trying to reshape unsustainable consumerism for the good of the planet.

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