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griddle waffles

Griddle : A breakfast brand to shout about

Project Overview

Griddle Founders, Ella and Sophie, run a successful pancake business but realised their following had changed. They needed a new pair of eyes to develop their positioning and deliver a strategic rebrand to make a fresh product line stand out for a new audience. We stepped in with new audience personas, using them to create lively designs and a family-focused brand narrative that promotes the benefits of a healthy wholegrain breakfast.

Shift to an unknown audience → Family-focussed rebrand


  • Persona Development
  • Brand Narrative
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
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Our Approach.

Persona Development

Griddle realised they were experiencing a change in their audience make-up, from individuals to families with children. We researched their consumer’s needs and created personas to help them understand who they should be talking to.

lemon and popppy seed
choc chip
waffle fork

Brand narrative

We needed a compelling story to help Griddle get their message across to families. So, we put out a rallying cry for wholegrain breakfasts to fill up tiny tummies.

easy peasy
easy peasy
griddle breakfast

Brand Identity

Griddle’s rebrand sees nostalgic vibes paired with a modern colour palette. Working with a local illustrator, we developed a suite of family characters who each have their favourite way to enjoy breakfast.

breakfast for the people
eating griddle
free spirit


We rolled out branding across Griddle’s pancakes, their new waffle range and pancake mixes. On-pack messaging was made clearer, incorporating a new tone of voice alongside eye-catching illustrations.

griddle packaging
chocolate waffle

Art direction

For product packaging, social media and the web, we art directed a range of personality-packed product shots, drawing on the brand’s new colour palette and adding in some eccentric, retro vibes.

blue pancake


Griddle’s following have embraced the new-look packs and website. Off the pack of the rebrand, Griddle were accepted into Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods Market.

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