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Yūgō Curried Sun-dried Tomato Stir-in paste

Yūgō : Ripping up the rule book

Project Overview

Yūgō was founded by entrepreneur, Renad who wanted to spice up meals by giving them a quick, affordable fusion twist. She asked us to help develop her sauce brand from scratch, promoting delicious, out-there flavours in a confident way.

Unusual fusion flavours → Maximum taste appeal.


  • Brand Narrative
  • Brand Identity
  • Persona Creation
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Yugo logo
Yugo Miso Chipotle
Prepping ingredients

Brand narrative and personas

Using audience insights, we narrowed down Yūgō’s consumer base to help us construct a brand narrative that would have a positive impact.

Yugo billboard

Visual identity

Taking the idea of ripping up the rule book and fusing flavours, we layered patterned designs - reminiscent of diverse cultures - that looked like they’d been torn and put back together to create a memorable look and feel.

book from one of nations
Chipotle Miso Curry Sun-dried tomato icons
pattern 2
Pattern 1
Yugo Miso Chipotle
opening jar of Yugo
Small spoonfuls big flavours
Yugo Curries Sun-dried Tomato Stir-in Paste
Shopping bag with Yugo paste in it
Curried Sun-dried Tomato paste


Yugo’s bold branding helped Renad rapidly secure several market listings and a PR campaign supported by strong visual content enabled her to gain coverage in industry and consumer-facing publications.

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