Never been to Docky? Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Docky #6 on 25th November.

1. Docky is a 30 minute, bitesize chat on all things food and drink - and each episode features a new guest.

We think a good webinar is like a sausage dog, short and sweet. So, Docky is only half an hour. Our guest speaks for the first 15 minutes and then the floor is open for questions for the last 15 minutes. Each Docky topic is totally unique, but always related to Food and Drink. We’ve had talks on all sorts of topics, from vertical farming to starting a challenger brand and everything in between. Docky #6, taking place on 25th November, is all about how to nail your F&B brand’s marketing launch plans.

2. Docky is interactive.

After our guest has finished their talk, the floor is open to questions from the audience. We think it’s important to allow for discussion and debate, so the second half of Docky is reserved solely for just that. Questions can be submitted in advance on the LinkedIn event page, or you can pop your question in the chat box during the live event.

3. Docky is always recorded.

We know that life gets in the way sometimes, so we always record Docky and share a summary on our website in case you miss it. You can catch up on old Dockys on our blog, here.

Save your place for Docky #6 on 25th November at 12 pm on Eventbrite or LinkedIn, when we'll hear from Andria Prada, Head of Brand Strategy at Mission Ventures, on how to craft a successful marketing launch campaign for your brand.