This week, we got to chat with Paul Rostand - founder of Great British Biscotti Co., who are on a mission to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional Italian biscotti. Paul talked to us about how Great British Biscotti Co. was founded, his greatest achievement, and why his favourite meal is Cornish crab.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Paul Rostand and I am the founder of Great British Biscotti Co., an artisan bakery baking an amazing array of biscotti including the first-ever range of savoury biscotti!

What’s going on over at Great British Biscotti Co. at the moment?

We are currently baking like mad to meet all our Christmas orders, the team need to bake around 5 million biscottis between now and December!

biscotti board

What was the inspiration for founding Great British Biscotti Co.?

Taking a tired old classic like Italian almond biscotti and reinvigorating it to appeal to the modern consumer! Italy has baked dull rock hard almond Biscotti for over 2000 years and never done anything to it to make it suitable for today’s consumers, so we have developed a wide range of flavours from the almond right up to salted caramel, roasted hazelnut and pecan or fennel, pink peppercorns with Cornish sea salt!

What’s been your proudest achievement during your journey with Great British Biscotti Co.?

Gaining an investment by Warburtons/Batch Ventures who are looking to invest in innovative small bakery related brands and help them grow - to get that recognition from a brand like Warburtons has been amazing.

biscotti line up

What’s your favourite way to enjoy your biscotti?

Dipped in a delicious cup of Hotel Chocolat Velvistiser hot chocolate - it’s incredibly indulgent and tastes sensational - a match made in heaven!

What are Great British Biscotti Co.’s plans for the future?

To keep creating amazing flavours that excite the taste buds and to maintain our handcrafted credentials! If we can keep giving people pleasure then “job done”!

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?

Sailing around the world, I’ve already done the Atlantic and would love to carry on!

biscotti bowl

If you could only eat one meal again for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cornish crab, new potatoes and salad with homemade mayonnaise. Always makes me think of having supper on the beach with a cool bottle of rosé to accompany it!

Finally, how was your experience working with BuxtonThreeTwo?

We first started working with Buxton in 2015 and it has always been inspirational, the work they have done for us has always been brilliant and they always know what I want better than I do! Couldn’t recommend them enough.

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