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Harry Cresswell

Harry Cresswell

Harry puts his top notch skills to use designing and building content-based websites and webshops for our clients.

He’s been a web designer and developer for the last 10 years, since completing a BA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds and a number of short courses in design at University of the Arts London. He’s proud of his abilities and his commitment to making it as a developer, but he’s always up for learning new tricks and improving the way things are done.

When he can, he likes to go climbing and, between times, he practices a lot of yoga.

In his own words


Who do you admire?

Yvon Chouinard. He’s a rock climber, environmentalist and the founder of Patagonia. He was considering our impact on the planet long before the majority of us.


Favourite creative project?

The 606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams. It’s modular, which I love, and it’s built to last, unlike many consumer products these days.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

Wholegrain Digital is doing a lot for sustainable web design right now. It’s an important topic but often overlooked.