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Gavin Anderson

Gavin Anderson

As Advisor Gavin helps bring his 30 years plus award winning approach to business.  A Design Thinking practitioner, Digital thinker and speaker. Gavin works closely with Hal and James as well as occasionally getting involved with project work.

Outside of work, he relaxes by keeping his 50 year old MGBGT Sebring running as his daily drive, passionate about the environment and loves cooking.

In his own words


Who do you admire?

Muhammad Ali: For his poetry, his humanity and drive. “You don’t lose if get knocked down you lose if you stay down”.


Favourite creative project?

All of them, creating solutions is rewarding, innovating is brilliant and disrupting is just pure joy.


A trailblazing brand you’re watching?

Everything is changing, the pandemic has changed the world, pushing us all forward digitally by about 5 years, even your Nan uses Apple pay now. But more; how people work is changing, people are waking up to the planet being on fire. So I’m watching the world change hopefully to a better place - businesses and brands have to change or be left behind.